About Us

President's Message

Welcome to the Pakistan Association of Northern Territory, Australia. Home to nearly two thousand Australian-Pakistanis/people of Pakistani Origin, the Northern Territory has one of the highest youth population ratios in Australia. With Tropical Climate, strategically important geo-political location, magnificent skies/sunsets, and history of indigenous Australians and Makassan Traders dating back to over 40,000 years, The Northern Territory has a lot to offer. If you are a ‘Territorian’, you already know what’s it’s like to drive back from work to your home/family and still have enough time to enjoy magnificent sunset views at Mindil. Whether you are new to Northern Territory or your great-great-grandparents moved here decades ago, the Pakistan Association of Northern Territory is here to keep your connection to your roots and provide an equal platform for social cohesion and integration into the wider Australian Community while showcasing our rich culture/heritage to the world”

Our Aim

The Association aims to foster better understanding and promote a positive interaction amongst the members of the Pakistani Community living in the NT. Specifically, the Association aims to contribute effectively to the educational, cultural, and social development of its members to enable them to play a constructive and meaningful role within the NT Community.